Wildflowers and Waterfalls

April 28, 2009

Saturday morning Tim Lowenstein Met up for a trip to the annual Glide Wildflower Show and a short trip up the North Umpqua to hike up to Fall Creek Falls. The weather was cool and cloudy and when we got there at about 8:30 it was open to photographers. The show was held in an old build that could have been a Grange hall and had a hardwood floor like a gym. There were a few high windows but it really was rather dark. The floor was springy and I took a tripod as I knew it would be hard to get good pictures even with a flash.

We were amazed at the number of species that were there and they must have some local native plant garden to get such a large number at this time of year. There was an ample staff of biologist on hand to answer any question about the exhibit or other local flora. The flowers were on rows of tables and it didn’t take much to get the table and flower to shake. Many of the flowers were very small and as we discovered later you could easily walk right by one and not notice it. Here is a sampler of what we saw:
















After an hour or so more people were coming and it was getting hard to get a shot so we packed up and headed up the North Umpqua to the Fall Creek Falls trailhead. 




The beginning of the trail head starts with a double bridge across the creek.


The trail winds along the creek and it’s not long until you come to a very narrow squeeze between some large boulders.

 We began to notice several varieties of wild flowers blooming along the trail. Most were pretty small but there were many more than I would have expected to see with such a cool spring this year.







The creek is beautiful with one cascade after another. The trail zigzags a bit at the creek climbs quickly. At one point we reached a small plateau.







We finally reached the falls and discovered that it has more than one drop. I took a zigzag trail up the hill to get a better look. Above the first falls there is a second falls.






Another zigzag takes me to the top. It’s very cool as you look off the top. You can just see the bottom pool but not the lower falls. There is a road that runs by the top of the falls and I suppose you could drive up. Take would be a real shame as the best part of the hike is the trail.




It was almost noon so we slowly worked our way back down the trail  stopping to shoot more wild flowers we missed.








After reaching the trail head and we headed back to town to find some lunch. Just a few minutes after we started driving we ran in to s few light rain showers. A prefect day with just the right timing.






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April 28, 2009

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